Air and Sea


There was something about seeing old fighter jets on a decommissioned aircraft carrier and crawling through an old missile submarine at a Pier in Manhattan that got me to put up my first set of photos since forever. Moving to the Big Apple has got me playing tourist for months and still there are endless things to see and do.


Dress: Club Monaco (old)  Shoes: Caslon  Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger Bandana: J. Crew

Location: New York City


Current t-shirt obsession and ways to unwind

Someone recently told me that even though I looked relaxed, I’m probably stressed. I admit, I try to trick myself into thinking that I’m easy-going and care-free because who wants to be the frantic and paranoid person who keeps complaining about the world. Lately, I’ve been feeling the opposite of relaxed but here are some things that I’ve started doing to relax while staying at this awesome hotel:

Take a walk – Never underestimate the benefits of going out for some fresh air and some exercise.

Do some yoga – This is a no-brainer but it’s fun and you get to wear cool fitness gear, can’t complain. Great thing about yoga is that you can do it just about anywhere. Hotels like the one here will sometimes have a yoga room complete with mats and yoga blocks. Usually no one uses it and you’ll have a beautiful room all to yourself.

Have some green tea – Have some when you’re feeling particularly stressed.

Take a bath – I currently live in a place without one but I made sure I had a bath every night at this hotel. Listen to some music while you’re at it.

Listen to music – Sometimes I forget to turn on some music and I start feeling anxious, like I have to be run an errand or planning the next big thing. I used this hotel’s iPad to play some Jazz while in the bath. Any anxious thoughts just disappeared with this combination.

Do stretches in the morning and evening – This is great for relaxing your muscles to start and end your day.

Go to bed in cute and comfy PJs…

There’s nothing not to love about this t-shirt except that I can’t decide whether to wear in indoors or out. A white t-shirt with flamingos…there’s nothing more I can say. I’m so tempted to buy another one, I mean, it’s under $7! It’s a super comfy t-shirt, that keeps you cool and feeling happy. It’s even more comfy when worn in a hotel with super comfy sheets and exceptional guest services at the JW Marriott Downtown Hotel in Houston, Texas. In fact, I’ve been experiencing hotel withdrawal symptoms ever since I got home.

I’m not sure how many hotel nowadays have iPads that let you message the front desk directly, play music, surf the net, and summon hotel services. Until now, I’ve certainly never been to a hotel that gives you macarons in the evening and let’s you choose your type of pillow with your preferred scent. And yes, I’m slightly obsessed with their bathroom. Note to self: insert this bathroom in future home (at least the tub). I definitely recommend this hotel if you’re ever in Houston!


T-shirt: Forever21

Location: JW Marriott Houston Downtown



April Favorites: Kate Spade and more

This month, I’m trying out something new on my blog and that is to show you my monthly favorites! It will including pretty much anything, from clothing to articles I find online that I’ve found to be interesting. Hope you guys will enjoy them as much as I do!

Kate Spade: Handbag & Postcards

For some reason I feel like I should pick out classic and sophisticated clothing and accessories so that I could purchase good quality items that will last for years. Some items make sense, like a classic white shirt, well-fitted jeans, a classic long jacket, black booties…but if you walk into Kate Spade, I am guaranteed NOT to get anything in black. There’s always a new pattern that stands out and is so happy and vibrant. If I need to get myself a black handbag, I can’t go into a Kate Spade store. Of course I came out with this pretty little bag

Also loving the inspiring and cute postcards that I picked up from the Kate Spade store for free.

Bargain: Zara Sunnies

For the price, these sunglasses are well-made and sturdy unlike most budget ones. Can’t wait to snap some photos with this pair of blush retro sunglasses.

Article: Deleting this app could save you more than $1,000

When I saw this article I immediately thought, Instagram? How many times have you seen something on Instagram and thought, I NEED THIS!

Living in San Francisco, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the smartphone generation who does not have a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft on their phone. Personally, I’ve used it a bunch of times, mostly when I’m on vacation and don’t have a car. But for those who go out for drinks, or don’t own a car but hate to use transit, these apps could be costing you. It’s so easy to make a few clicks and wait 2 minutes for a clean car to drive you home after a long day.

Blog: Harper and Harley

I don’t know about you, but when I find pretty blog, I have a slight adrenaline rush followed by a half-hour obsession of going through a dozen posts. This happened to me recently with Sara Donaldson’s blog.

Although I gravitate to all things pink and girly, I am starting to look from more minimalist pieces to add to my closet–pieces I can purchase and where over and over ’til it falls apart. I find it so difficult to feel the urge to try on white shirt after white shirt, black shirt after black shirt…it’s like trying to find a pair of jeans, awesome when you find ‘the one’, but the trying on is not nearly as exciting.

I digress…

To sum up, I love this blog because it’s great inspiration for anyone looking for minimalist pieces and ways to style them.

Restaurant: Bardot Brasserie

If you read my previous post on my new favorite dessert, you might want to make a stop at this gorgeous restaurant at the Aria hotel if you’re ever in Las Vegas.

Decreasing clutter in your life

It’s the end of another week and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed and un-zen…yes, I made up that word. I thought I’d write a post on it so that I could brainstorm ideas on how to declutter my life. Hope it can help or inspire you to find some zen in your life!


Sometimes I want to go back to the days when you only had one email account and ten emails a day was annoying. Although I diligently try to unsubscribe myself from emails and make subscriptions with my reluctantly created ‘junk’ account, I woke up today feeling attacked by app updates, likes, tweets, junk email–you name it. All I wanted to do was check if I got any important emails from my one account before going about my day.

These days, it’s hard to not be the recipient of a million different email subscriptions from all the companies out there trying to grab your paycheck. Companies have also creative ways to get you to subscribe with discounts given only to subscribers and contests that make participants subscribe to ten other companies all at once. Needless to say, my previous method of unsubscribing from one subscription every other day has become a total failure.


  1. Change settings for push notifications. Not sure why I didn’t do this earlier but as of today, I shouldn’t be getting a notification for every like or tweet.
  2. Do a Maria Kondo clean up of email subscriptions and restrict subscriptions using my main email to only my favorite companies.
  3. Check your phone every hour or half-hour. No one will be mad that you didn’t respond to their text right away. If it’s an emergency, they’ll call.




Marie Kondo your way to less clutter.

Honestly, I’m far from mastering this myself but I’m determined to give this a shot. In fact, in between writing up sections of this post, I’ve gotten rid of two items of clothing and a bag of fabric scraps. Consignment stores and Goodwill, here I come! Excuse me while I pat myself on the shoulder.

If you’re interested in trying out the Kondo method, take a look at this gal’s experience. It’s so much harder than it sounds but I’m keeping my eye on the prize: a pretty closet that looks something like this:

I think if we all spray painted our clothing rack gold, we would do the Kondo method much quicker. DIY project anyone?



Probably a product of the other types of clutter but when you have loads of information, images, video, and life is flashing through your mind and all you want to do is go for a beach vacation, here are more ways to calm your mind:

  1. Go for a walk or run
  2. Do some yoga
  3. Exercise
  4. Meditate
  5. All of the above



Things to do in Vegas besides gambling

When in Rome, I mean, Vegas…


…pose in front of the Trevi fountain, and then pretend that you’re actually at the real Fontana di Trevi.


Besides trying my new favorite Vegas restaurant, try a seafood roll from Luke’s Lobster. This is their crab roll, I can taste it now…

Go to Paris.

Go to the Paris hotel and pretend you’re really in the ‘City of Lights’. Paris, je t’aime!


When I think of Vegas, I think gambling, nightlife, and shows. For me, it’s been eating, shopping, people watching…and a huge blister.

(Tip: That pair of Converse shoes will still give you blisters if you’re going to walk those Vegas malls)

see the Bellagio fountains.

Last time I saw the Bellagio fountains I think it was playing Celine Dion or something along those lines (it was a long time ago). This time it was playing Uptown Funk…it was pretty epic.

Until next time!

New favorite dessert: Pavlova

No, I didn’t eat dessert first but I posted that photo first because it is so beautiful and delicious.  I wish everyone in the world could taste this dessert just once. It is the newest addition to the dessert menu at Bardot Brasserie in Las Vegas which is definitely one of my top favorite restaurants of all time! You know when food can sometimes look better in pictures than it tastes? This is the absolute reverse. If you’re ever in Vegas, try this restaurant. Delicious French food in a gorgeous setting. What more can you ask for?

On a side note, I think I’m starting to get a hang of shooting in manual mode on my DSLR and editing photos. It’s still a challenge to shoot in low-light situations without a tripod but the picture of the Pavlova turned out pretty good don’t you think? I think I’m going to print it and put it up in my kitchen.



Maxi dress for casual days

Sunnies from Nordstrom (similar here) | Vest: Forever21 | Belt: Express | Backpack: Typo, also seen here | Shoes: Converse

I’ve found a new favorite cute town close to San Francisco…Healdsburg.  I’m very spontaneous when it comes to planning where to go and places to eat. This was by far the easiest trip to plan without a chance of picking a bad restaurant. Drive into this tiny town, park into any of the public lots around the Plaza and walk into any place that serves food or wine and you won’t be disappointed. Shops, food, and wine, all under a ten-minute walk.

My recommendations:

Noble Folk: ice cream and pie bar

Scopa: affordable Italian restaurant

Ferrari-Carano: winery pictured here (10-minute drive from Healdsburg)


Switching topics to my dress…

As someone of a petite stature, I never really bothered to look at floor-length skirts or dresses. My first thoughts would be ALTERATIONS and I’d go for the next mini-skirt or cropped top. That tendency has recently changed for several reasons:

  1. Jeans are great, but it can get boring sometimes
  2. It gets pretty darn cold here in Northern California
  3. They’re comfy and easy to throw on
  4. They make me, dare I say, look slightly taller
  5. Honestly, I found this one on a clearance rack for $5…


Keeping warm without a jacket

Top: Banana Republic (altered to become shorter on the bottom) | Bottom: Zara leggings | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Kate Spade | Scarf: Forever21 | Sunnies: Fantas Eyes

Is it just me or are we all brainwashed as kids to put on a jacket when it’s cold outside?  I certainly was.  Thanks to my cozy scarf, I was able to trick myself into feeling like it was warm sans outerwear.  I love big soft scarves. I’m  not sure why we thought wearing a scarf made us less cool as kids in Canadian winters but I’m glad they’re embraced by adults.  Pop on a nice big scarf and suddenly you’ve got style. Of course, there’s always the jogger running in short-sleeves…

As much as San Francisco has to offer, I’m suburbian at heart and I like to get away from the city sometimes.  Even in the so called ‘burbs’ in the city, there are still many people roaming around, teenagers cursing, and the classic ‘city smell’.  Do you prefer the excitement of city or peacefulness of the suburbs? Classic first world dilemma.



New sunnies for sunny days & blog makeover

This week was one of those weeks…sunny, warm, and beautiful.  I love sunshine and so does my wallet.  I never want to go shopping or stay in and shop online on these days.  The sunshine makes me spend time outdoors and walk aimlessly in the park or the beach like I have all the time in the world.  I’m really enjoying life close to beaches and parks here in San Francisco.  Oh, and I brought my new sunnies out of course!

I’ve also changed the look of my blog. For some reason my photos were mysteriously disappearing…hope you like the new look! (Crossing my fingers my photos won’t disappear again.)

T-shirt: Forever21

Jacket: H&M

Sunnies: Fantas Eyes from Nordstrom (I’ve been loving Nordstrom’s selection of affordable sunglasses.  There are so many fun styles for $12 and the quality is quite good. )

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Kate Spade (similar)