DIY Scalloped Shirt

Scalloped edges are nothing new in the Chloe brand and they’re back this year in their pastel poplin shirts. Get the look for less by making it yourself!

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Here’s what you’ll need:
Cotton shirt (preferably  a stiffer cotton to show off the scallops)
Anti-fray glue (I used Liquid Stitch)
Piece of cardboard

I got this shirt from Forever21. It was quite long on me anyway so it was perfect for this DIY.

First, turn your shirt inside out. Cut out a piece of cardboard with the scalloped edge. Then, trace the edge along the bottom of your shirt. Do this to both the front and back of the shirt.

Trace over the pencil lines with the anti-fray glue. This will keep the cotton from fraying.

Let the anti-fray glue dry, then cut along the scallops.

Can’t wait to wear this out!


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