DIY Marchesa, bridal, couture-inspired tulle dress

Image from Instagram @marchesafashion

The bridal world is truly magical. The gorgeous dresses and accessories evoke the inner princess in us like nothing else. When I saw this Marchesa dress on Instagram, I really wanted to create something that I could wear without having to go down an aisle. Continue reading to see how I made this tulle party/date night dress.

Things you’ll need:

  • Tulle (8 or more strips: length = length of should to mid-thigh x 2, width at least 12 inches wide) || You can use the rolls of tulle that you find at the craft store. I was lucky enough to get leftover tulle from the bridal salon.
  • Thread (best to use stretch thread)
  • Needle for thread
  • Scissors
  • Some patience and time

1.  Split the number of tulle strips in half. If you’re using 8 strips, gather 4 for the left side of the dress and 4 for the right (you might need more strips depending on how full you want the dress or how much material you need to cover your body).

2.  Fold each set of tulle strips in half and clip them at the fold.

3.  Drape each set of tulle strips over one shoulder.


4. Run a loose thread along the waistline. Make sure the waistline is very loose if you’re not using the stretch thread or else you won’t be able to slip in and out of the dress.

5. Put the dress on and use a belt or ribbon to give yourself a nice waistline.


6. Cut the strips at the bottom to your desired length. You can make the dress short, long, or asymmetrical…be creative!

7. Add a pair of cute shoes and a clutch.


I’d love to make one in red, black, purple, blue or a mix of black and another color. I had so much fun creating this! Let me know if you’d like to see more DIY fashion projects!



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