Favorite ‘invisible’ beauty products

Ever since I colored my hair, it’s been pretty much an accessory on it’s own and I haven’t found the urge to be fancy with clothes, accessories, or makeup.  I like that I can now take the new minimalist approach and just get the few quality products and items I ‘need’. Of course, no one really needs anything other than food and shelter really but you know what I mean. I’ve found myself reaching for these products for the last few weeks over and over again which in my books determines what I think is pretty necessary to my routine.

My ‘necessities’:

Coola organic sunscreen

Origins eye cream (admittedly it’s hard to tell if it does much but it feels nice and refreshing and eliminates the shock that women have when they find out I’m not using any eye cream)

L’Occitane lip balm

Klorane dry shampoo

(The necklace is not a necessity but it’s an old one from H&M before I embraced minimalism)


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