Things to do in Vegas besides gambling

When in Rome, I mean, Vegas…


…pose in front of the Trevi fountain, and then pretend that you’re actually at the real Fontana di Trevi.


Besides trying my new favorite Vegas restaurant, try a seafood roll from Luke’s Lobster. This is their crab roll, I can taste it now…

Go to Paris.

Go to the Paris hotel and pretend you’re really in the ‘City of Lights’. Paris, je t’aime!


When I think of Vegas, I think gambling, nightlife, and shows. For me, it’s been eating, shopping, people watching…and a huge blister.

(Tip: That pair of Converse shoes will still give you blisters if you’re going to walk those Vegas malls)

see the Bellagio fountains.

Last time I saw the Bellagio fountains I think it was playing Celine Dion or something along those lines (it was a long time ago). This time it was playing Uptown Funk…it was pretty epic.

Until next time!


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