Current t-shirt obsession and ways to unwind

Someone recently told me that even though I looked relaxed, I’m probably stressed. I admit, I try to trick myself into thinking that I’m easy-going and care-free because who wants to be the frantic and paranoid person who keeps complaining about the world. Lately, I’ve been feeling the opposite of relaxed but here are some things that I’ve started doing to relax while staying at this awesome hotel:

Take a walk – Never underestimate the benefits of going out for some fresh air and some exercise.

Do some yoga – This is a no-brainer but it’s fun and you get to wear cool fitness gear, can’t complain. Great thing about yoga is that you can do it just about anywhere. Hotels like the one here will sometimes have a yoga room complete with mats and yoga blocks. Usually no one uses it and you’ll have a beautiful room all to yourself.

Have some green tea – Have some when you’re feeling particularly stressed.

Take a bath – I currently live in a place without one but I made sure I had a bath every night at this hotel. Listen to some music while you’re at it.

Listen to music – Sometimes I forget to turn on some music and I start feeling anxious, like I have to be run an errand or planning the next big thing. I used this hotel’s iPad to play some Jazz while in the bath. Any anxious thoughts just disappeared with this combination.

Do stretches in the morning and evening – This is great for relaxing your muscles to start and end your day.

Go to bed in cute and comfy PJs…

There’s nothing not to love about this t-shirt except that I can’t decide whether to wear in indoors or out. A white t-shirt with flamingos…there’s nothing more I can say. I’m so tempted to buy another one, I mean, it’s under $7! It’s a super comfy t-shirt, that keeps you cool and feeling happy. It’s even more comfy when worn in a hotel with super comfy sheets and exceptional guest services at the JW Marriott Downtown Hotel in Houston, Texas. In fact, I’ve been experiencing hotel withdrawal symptoms ever since I got home.

I’m not sure how many hotel nowadays have iPads that let you message the front desk directly, play music, surf the net, and summon hotel services. Until now, I’ve certainly never been to a hotel that gives you macarons in the evening and let’s you choose your type of pillow with your preferred scent. And yes, I’m slightly obsessed with their bathroom. Note to self: insert this bathroom in future home (at least the tub). I definitely recommend this hotel if you’re ever in Houston!


T-shirt: Forever21

Location: JW Marriott Houston Downtown




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