Coat styles to add to your (my) wardrobe


Top left: Fendi     Top right: Soia & Kyo

Bottom left: Laundry       Bottom right: Topshop


Thanks to the minimalist fashion trend, I’m trying to move towards buying less and investing in quality items that I will use over and over again. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find that perfect coat. While on the hunt for this elusive coat/jacket, I stumbled upon some options…I’m leaning towards the Soia & Kyo one if it weren’t for the price tag…what do you guys think?


Favorite ‘invisible’ beauty products

Ever since I colored my hair, it’s been pretty much an accessory on it’s own and I haven’t found the urge to be fancy with clothes, accessories, or makeup.  I like that I can now take the new minimalist approach and just get the few quality products and items I ‘need’. Of course, no one really needs anything other than food and shelter really but you know what I mean. I’ve found myself reaching for these products for the last few weeks over and over again which in my books determines what I think is pretty necessary to my routine.

My ‘necessities’:

Coola organic sunscreen

Origins eye cream (admittedly it’s hard to tell if it does much but it feels nice and refreshing and eliminates the shock that women have when they find out I’m not using any eye cream)

L’Occitane lip balm

Klorane dry shampoo

(The necklace is not a necessity but it’s an old one from H&M before I embraced minimalism)

Mint backpack days

Isn’t it awesome when your other half gets you a present that is just right in every way?

I’ve been lugging around this mint bag with gold zips ever since I got it. I’m so glad backpacks are fashionable now because they’re just so practical. I can carry my camera, sunnies, and extra jacket or scarf on any outing without having to carry a huge bag or lots of little bags…or worse, freeze in San Francisco evenings.

Also loving this shirt from Forever21. Sometimes people need a little reminder.


Top: Forever21

Jeans: Anthropologie

Bag: Typo (sold out) || another mint bag here

Shoes: Converse


Location: Legion of Honor in San Francisco

DIY Marchesa, bridal, couture-inspired tulle dress

Image from Instagram @marchesafashion

The bridal world is truly magical. The gorgeous dresses and accessories evoke the inner princess in us like nothing else. When I saw this Marchesa dress on Instagram, I really wanted to create something that I could wear without having to go down an aisle. Continue reading to see how I made this tulle party/date night dress.

Things you’ll need:

  • Tulle (8 or more strips: length = length of should to mid-thigh x 2, width at least 12 inches wide) || You can use the rolls of tulle that you find at the craft store. I was lucky enough to get leftover tulle from the bridal salon.
  • Thread (best to use stretch thread)
  • Needle for thread
  • Scissors
  • Some patience and time

1.  Split the number of tulle strips in half. If you’re using 8 strips, gather 4 for the left side of the dress and 4 for the right (you might need more strips depending on how full you want the dress or how much material you need to cover your body).

2.  Fold each set of tulle strips in half and clip them at the fold.

3.  Drape each set of tulle strips over one shoulder.


4. Run a loose thread along the waistline. Make sure the waistline is very loose if you’re not using the stretch thread or else you won’t be able to slip in and out of the dress.

5. Put the dress on and use a belt or ribbon to give yourself a nice waistline.


6. Cut the strips at the bottom to your desired length. You can make the dress short, long, or asymmetrical…be creative!

7. Add a pair of cute shoes and a clutch.


I’d love to make one in red, black, purple, blue or a mix of black and another color. I had so much fun creating this! Let me know if you’d like to see more DIY fashion projects!


Easy, affordable Valentine’s DIY

Here are two sentimental simple yet heartfelt Valentine’s DIYs to try.

Idea 1: Print out a warm and fuzzy photo of you and your Valentine and frame it.

Idea 2: Make your own card.

You will need:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint (red)
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Scissors

I love using watercolor paper for cards because it’s basically thick paper that looks expensive.  Also, painting anything on it looks rustic, organic, and awesome!

Steps: Cut the watercolor paper to the size of card you would like. If you want to write a long Valentine’s message, make it bigger.  Score the middle of the card where you will fold it.  Paint a heart on the front side of the card. It’s pretty self explanatory 🙂


DIY Scalloped Shirt

Scalloped edges are nothing new in the Chloe brand and they’re back this year in their pastel poplin shirts. Get the look for less by making it yourself!

Image credit:

Here’s what you’ll need:
Cotton shirt (preferably  a stiffer cotton to show off the scallops)
Anti-fray glue (I used Liquid Stitch)
Piece of cardboard

I got this shirt from Forever21. It was quite long on me anyway so it was perfect for this DIY.

First, turn your shirt inside out. Cut out a piece of cardboard with the scalloped edge. Then, trace the edge along the bottom of your shirt. Do this to both the front and back of the shirt.

Trace over the pencil lines with the anti-fray glue. This will keep the cotton from fraying.

Let the anti-fray glue dry, then cut along the scallops.

Can’t wait to wear this out!

Display photos and artwork without frames

In an attempt to save some money and the amount of frames in my home, I’ve searched the web for solutions that would let me display my photos and artwork just as nicely as frames. I came across a lot of images all over design blogs and Pinterest of from different types of hangers, ropes, strings but many just didn’t quite hit the mark…until I saw this awesome clip at Crate and Barrel for under $5.  Now that is an affordable and stylish frame alternative.

In order to make the artwork, photo, or in my case, magazine page hang in a more polished way, I taped it onto a piece of cardboard so that it would display flat instead of curled. Easy, affordable, and cool-looking…is there a word for that?